We promote and partner with beauty and wellness brands of natural concept to reach consumer markets over the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

natural & organic brands

We are passionate about premium, safe, quality and unique products for distribution across the beauty and wellness industry.

Running successful spa and beauty business

With over a decades experience in the spa, beauty and wellness industry, we selectively offer our specialist consulting services.

More than an enterprise, Wellness United is an endeavor – to celebrate the beauty of life and indulge a greater sense of the self. It stands for everything that the name spells out – uniting all the aspects of wellness, from physical and emotional health to beauty, and providing them as distribution of  unique, safe and premium quality products of natural concept in the markets, so consumers can pursue a better lifestyle.

This vision, or indeed passion, that drives us is translated into a tangible action through our global scale of operations. Based in Dubai, UAE and Minsk City, Belarus, our current operations cater to the Middle East but are steadily expanding with partnerships across countries within the GCC region and in Eastern Europe.

Our quality-centric approach results in distribution of carefully selected brands and products, which offer luxurious quality, safety of materials and/or ingredients, results driven and unique, so end consumers will always benefit.

To this end, our team is constantly striving to explore and identify new products, trends and concepts that we can partner with, which creates valuable, mutually-beneficial relationships.

In addition to distribution – our core proposition, we use our particular expertise in running successful beauty and spa businesses to assist partners with advice across various functions, including: branding concepts, sales and marketing strategies, training and recruitment, turnover and utilization rates growth, quality standards and menu creation.

A Beautiful Story

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``We Celebrate the Beauty of Life``

Our Founder

Angela Turovskaya

Managing Director

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For Angela Turovskaya, it is a statement that has resonated through every step in her journey of over a decade in the business of beauty and wellness. It’s a journey that has brought her from Minsk in Belarus to the cosmopolitan Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and inspired her travels all around the world.

The quintessential icon of a modern, independent twenty first century woman, Angela is married and a mother to beautiful twin girls. These responsibilities at home have in no way deterred her from pursuing her professional ambitions with a fiery passion. Her lengthy and successful career has witnessed prolific achievements and milestone projects with renowned brands including Crown Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Paris Gallery, Jebel AIi Resorts & Hotels, WAFI Hospitality and NIVEA in Dubai, UAE.

From managing spas and developing treatment menus to incubating new projects and boosting annual turnovers, her diverse experience has equipped her with a holistic understanding of the beauty and wellness industry within both Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council regions.

Having today become an acclaimed and leading industry expert, and realizing that her rare and valuable skill set is perfectly suited to cater for highly selective clientele looking for specialist advice, she founded Wellness United. Angela is sincerely passionate about lifestyle, beauty and wellness, and surrounds herself with partners with equal passion.