About Founder

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For Angela Turovskaya, it is a statement that has resonated through every step in her journey of over a decade in the beauty and wellness industry in the GCC region and Eastern Europe.

Angela has an established history of working in the cosmetic and hospitality industries, setting up and running 5-star resort spas and salons as well as delivering cosmetic and beauty brands to their respective retail markets.

Angela is a founder of ethical beauty and niche perfumery retail stores, exclusive boutiques, and online platforms. She is a certified cosmetologist with a joint master’s degree in sales and marketing from SDA Bocconi and ESADE Business Schools.

"Anything related to brand creation and product development is my true passion. Let's build the future, where clean, ethical, and effective beauty products are the only beauty choice."

—Angela Turovskaya